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From our founding in 2006 until 2012, we operated with volunteer staff, a “roll-up-our sleeves” board of directors and a network of GO PURPLE Ambassadors throughout AZ, PA, NJ and NY.  Who moves the mission of Purple Ribbon Council forward?  

Donna Bartos, Founder

Donna Bartos

Founder & Executive Director

In August 2006, Donna had a moment of obligation to do something to help the most silent victims of domestic abuse, especially children orphaned by DV homicide and teens. As a result, she created Girls Night Out to Cut Out Domestic Abuse™ (now called Pretty in Purple™ Days), an awareness event hosted by salons and spas across the U.S. as a way to support, benefit and empower victims and to increase education on how to recognize and respond to the signs of abuse.

From there, Donna channeled her own personal experience with dating abuse to form the Purple Ribbon Council and has since been leading a nationwide GO PURPLE movement for awareness and BLOOM for Healthy Relationships education for prevention. Her vision is to build critical mass for domestic abuse prevention awareness, like the pink ribbon campaigns so beautifully achieved for early detection of breast cancer. Donna believes that the solution to ending the epidemic of domestic abuse lies deep within the root causes.
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Lisa Williams

Regional Chapter Leader (Phoenix, AZ)

Meet Lisa Williams, a GO PURPLE Ambassador and Regional Chapter Leader for Purple Ribbon Council.  Lisa's struggle with a violent husband and her journey to finding freedom from the confines of an abusive situation, has led her to our prevention work.  Lisa’s ambition, intelligence, and love for her children have taken she and her family on a path away from domestic abuse and into a better life. 

As a Regional Chapter Leader, Lisa volunteers her time to coordinate projects that raise awareness.  Lisa states, “It all comes down to the root purpose of the group, which is to raise awareness that leads to education and ultimately prevention.  We have to get out there and educate and to do that we engage all people in Purple Ribbon Council projects.”  Currently, there are a couple of monumental projects Lisa is lending her talents to help promote.  One project, “Rock the PurpleTM,” is a partnership awareness event with Hard Rock Cafe.  Lisa is helping to promote the Phoenix area “Rock the PurpleTM." She brought on MC Magic to headline the area event. In addition to this project, Lisa promotes “BLOOM for Healthy Relationships” Purple Ribbon Council's dating abuse prevention program for middle school and high school students that brings education into the classroom.  Lisa embraces the Purple Ribbon Council vision of preventing domestic abuse and dating violence EARLY on and feels that classroom education is very important in promoting healthy relationships.  “It’s talking about real life,” adds Lisa.
Nicole A. Sharpe

Nicole Sharpe

Regional Chapter Leader (Brooklyn, NY)

Domestic Homicide Survivor, Author of "The End of November- Growing Up With Domestic Violence"

"I grew up witnessing my father abuse my mother mercilessly for years until he finally shot her to death in the presence of my two siblings and I."

I was 15 years of age at that time. He then came after us with the gun but we were able to escape with our lives by the grace of God. In 2008, I felt ready to use my voice to help others like my mom. So, I searched online for ways to help raise awareness and found the Purple Ribbon Council. It was the perfect fit, yet little did I know that my involvement with the organization would change my life for the better. With the help of Donna Bartos, in May 2009 I organized a ‘Girls Night Out to Cut Out Domestic AbuseTM’ fundraiser in partnership with Empire Beauty School in Brooklyn, NY and promoted the event to my colleagues at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. It was a great success! From there, I started the “Poetry in Purple” event to raise awareness on campus at SUNY Downstate. I am now working with Purple Ribbon Council to reach out to child survivors of domestic homicide with the goal of starting a support group in Brooklyn, NY. I wish these resources were in place when my siblings and I were suddenly orphaned. It would have been so helpful to talk to oher kids who knew what we were going through. The Purple Ribbon Council has proven to be a source of healing, encouragement, and empowerment for me as I advocate for domestic abuse prevention. I am proud to be a part of this."
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“Prevention BEFORE victimization IS possible."

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